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Featured Podcast

In this podcast episode with Chris Fabry, Rachel discusses what it looks like for God to be in control when we respond to His calling.

Rachel joins the Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast to share a teaching addressing 4 ways we can respond to God’s call and how God has given us what we need to do what He has asked.

In this conversation with Shawna of Moody Radio Grand Rapids, Rachel shares about her story and her book Taking the 5 Leaps with. 

In this podcast episode with Chrystal Evans Hurst of the Sister Circle Podcast, Rachel uncovers the keys to managing life’s interruptions and identifying the moments when it’s important to slow down and shift our focus.

TV Features

TCT Today with Tom Nolan


Watch Rachel G. Scott as she talks with Tom Nolan of TCT Today about responding to God’s call, inspired by her new book “Taking The 5 Leaps.” In this informative interview, Rachel breaks down the significance of mentorship in pursuing and fulfilling God’s purpose for your life. Join her as she breaks down the 5 leaping styles, shining a light on the journey of stepping into God’s calling in various ways. 

WISH CW TV with Cody Adams


Watch Rachel G. Scott as she talks with Cody Adams of WISH CW TV about her new book “Taking the 5 Leaps.” She explains each leap in detail and answers the questions: Can a person take more than one leap at a time, and how a person can determine which leap they fall into?

WBRC-TV with Sheldon Haygood


Watch Rachel G. Scott as she talks with Sheldon Haygood of WRBC-TV about her new book “Taking The 5 Leaps.” She discusses the leap of career transitions and shares insights on changing careers with confidence at an older age. 

Hope Today CTVN with Tom Hollis


Watch Rachel G. Scott as she talks with Tom Hollis of Hope Today CTVN about the meaning of the word “Leap,” how to surrender fear and trust God, and the leaping that led to her and her husband’s blended family ministry.

Mornings with Kelli and Steve


Listen to Rachel G. Scott as she talks with Kelly Thompson and  Steve Hocker of Mornings with Kelli and Steve about the motivation and the heart behind “Taking The 5 Leaps” and what leaps God has called her to as a Leaper.