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Featured Podcast

Listen as Rachel shares some powerful tips on Branding a Business on the NetWorth It Podcast!

Listen as Rachel shares 5 Simple tips to Helping you focus and overcome distractions!

Listen as Rachel shares how to Brand and Re-brand Well during her guest interview on the Business with Impact Podcast!

TV Features

TCT Today with Tom Nolan


Watch Rachel G. Scott as she talks with Tom Nolan of TCT Today about Purpose, Assignment, and Accomplishing the seemingly impossible Dream. She also discusses what’s next for her in 2020, as well as, available resources and tips that can help you get started today with accomplishing your dream.

Bridges with Monica Schmelter


Watch Rachel G. Scott as she and her husband talks with Monica Schmelter of Bridges about their specific Blended Family dynamics, as well as, general blended family and coparenting challenges that may arise.

Podcast Interviews

  • Your Spiritual Gameplan Podcast
  • Overcome to Become Podcast
  • The Red Rover Podcast
  • Flourish Writer’s Podcast
  • Inside Out with Courtnaye Cover
  • Steady On Strong Together with Angie Baughman Podcast
  • Rachel Mcmichael Business with Impact Podcast
  • The Networth It Podcast with Gretchen Heinen
  • Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur with Shae Bynes
  • Moody Radio Brian and Jannelle Morning Show
  • Chrystal’s Chronicles with Chrystal Evans-Hurst
  • Saundra Dalton Christian Author Speaker Mastermind
  • Mom Struggling Well with Emily Thomas
  • Jesus Smart Real Podcast with Brian Del Turco
  • Living A Redeemed Life with Holly Barret
  • Femperfect with Carly Samudre
  • Sucker Punch Radio with Becky L. McCoy
  • SubstanceTV with Jason Howard and Brian Del Turco
  • Sarah Bagley Podcast with Sarah Bagley
  • Family Life Blended Podcast with Ron Deal
  • Restored and Remarried Podcast with Gil and Brenda Stuart
  • The Writers  Lens Podcast with Joshua Faltot
  • Relationship Helpers Podcast with Vince Ketchie
  • Ziglar Families that Thrive with Bill Blankschaen