Your Focus IQ Results


Don’t you just love when you can look down in a pool of water and see the smooth waves flowing past your feet?

That is what happens when we have clarity. We get to see the beauty of what is surrounding us.

Based on your quiz results you are ready to get focused, however, you need some support knowing WHAT you should be focusing your attention on and investing your limited time in.

You need Clarity.

In order to have clarity, you must first identify the area(s) of your life that you are seeking greater clarity in? Family, Business, Work, Writing, Ministry, Marriage, God, Etc.

Don’t worry. You are in great company. Clarity tends to be a stopping point for many, but that won’t continue to be the case for you.


Below you will find strategic steps to help you gain greater CLARITY as you walk in your Purpose and Assignment with Focus.


CLEAR YOUR MIND – It’s time to get to the root of the clutter so that you can focus on what matters. The first step to clarity is learning to declutter your mind. It is time to acknowledge, accept and embrace the reality that a cluttered mind has been in combat with the clarity that God intends for you to experience. You can have the mind of Christ, and the mind of Christ is free from clutter.  


LEARN TO LINGER We are always moving out of one moment into the next, often rushing from our present into our future. I want to invite you to learn to linger. It is in these moments where ideas are given, truths are revealed, and strength for the assignment is found. The practice of lingering is not the act of being lazy. It is simply understanding the sacred pace of God so that you can be led by Him. Learn to linger in the stillness of moments with God, family, even yourself. As you wait, greater clarity will be given and thoughts can be restored. 


ASSIGN CATEGORIES There will always be unfinished work. Let’s just admit that. However, it’s time that we learn to separate the urgent from the emergent. Urgent things are things that need our immediate attention. Emergent things are important but do not require our right-now action. However, if they continue to go unaddressed, they may become urgent matters! It’s best to add them to our to-do list and pace out the process of completion. I want you to write down the things that have cluttered your mind and decide which are urgent and which are emergent and which are simply distractions. Without writing them down, everything seems urgent because everything is taking up mental space. Once you write it down, categorize it into those three categories.


RECOGNIZE YOUR RESPONSIBILITY When God calls us to an assignment, we have a responsibility as followers of Christ to accomplish His will. When our vision is less than this, we will find that anything can pull us away from fulfilling our assignment. Recognizing our responsibility means embracing the reality that some things we may have to do (or to start) alone because He has given the task to us. Being given a responsibility by God is an honor. What responsibility has He given you? Remember, our “well done” will be based on the work we HAVE done in obedience to Him.


IDENTIFY YOUR ASSIGNMENT What is your assignment? What has God called you to do to make His name great and known on the earth? Is your assignment to be a writer, business owner, speaker, teacher, mother, grandmother, etc? Get clear on what that assignment is in this season. It may be different from what it was in past seasons or it may be the same. It’s okay for you not to know all the details of how it will get done. God is in the details, and He will give them to you on an as-needed basis. If you don’t know what your assignment is, recall the last thing God told you to do and start with that.


TELL YOUR TIME – Similar to how a financial budget helps us tell our dollars how we will spend them, we have to tell our time how we will spend it. We have been given the gift of time and the opportunity to determine what we will do with it. We all get the same 24 hours in a day, yet we need to learn how God uniquely intended for us to spend those hours. What time of the day is your mind most prone to distractions versus action? What time of day are you most focused versus least focused? How much time will you invest in researching to prepare for your assignment? Some studies have shown that we are more creative in the evening and more focused in the late morning. This is a generalization and you may find it opposite for you. Study yourself. Whatever may be the case for you, use that knowledge to plan out how you will get the work done. 


YOUR BEST YES– Saying yes to our assignment closes the circle to this part of the process. If we do everything else, but never give God our Yes, the circle of options and indecisiveness remains open, typically causing us to remain in inaction. Some Yes’s are distractions while others are divine appointments. As you are presented with options regarding your assignment, assess through prayer and wise counsel which option is a divine appointment and what is a crafty distraction. Then, give God your messy, confused, uncertain, nervous, unworthy, unconfident, Yes and watch what He does in your life. Remember God can do so much more with your willingness than He could ever do with your worthiness. So give God your Yes.